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The Innovation: PowerGrind und PeriGrind

2D Force Measurement

Vision System

From Force Measurement to PowerGrind: Perfect Options for demanding applications and maximum productivity.

ProcessPower GrindPowerGrindRevolutionary performance increase for the conditioning of metal-bonded abrasive surfacesPowerGrind.PDF
Peri GrindPeriGrind_tabellePeripheral grinding rim with extended programming syntaxPeriGrind.PDF
2D force measurementkraftmessung2D force measuring system for normal and tangential forces for process definition, optimization and controlForceMeasurement.PDF
ProgrammingAGP-IsoAGP-Iso_tabelleGraphical creation of programs for ISO indexable inserts (AGP-Iso)AGP-Iso.PDF
AGSAGS_tabelleInteractive 3D grinding simulation
Programming stationFast change of insert through offline programming
ConnectivityDatapoolCentral management of workpieces and programs
Smart-Connectivitysmart_connectivityIndustry 4.0 Interface and Manufacturing Execution System (MES)SmartConnectivity.PDF
Basic optionsVisionVision_tabelleVision-System for workpiece alignment and spot recognition
Always includedProgrammingConsistent Agathon operating philosophy and software
ProgrammingUnique, domain-specific programming language for indexable inserts
Easy reteach
Options for the grinding machines

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