Laser processing machine for pre-machining superhard materials

100 times higher material removal rate compared to grinding

Contour roughing, clearance angle and chip breakers of PCD-tipped indexable inserts

Neo - Laser processing machine for pre-machining superhard materials

Neo - the most important facts

  • • Attractive and robust complement to your indexable insert production of superhard materials.
  • • Ideal for preprocessing (near-net-shape) PCD-tipped carbide tools. 
  • • Small footprint 
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The Neo concept

Neo - the complete machine

● Laser roughing machine for superhard materials (pCBN, PCD)
● Processing the periphery, clearance angle and chip breaker on indexable inserts
● Ultra compact design with best accessibility and excellent ergonomics
● 3 mechanical axes (A, B, Z1) and 3 optical axes (X, Y, Z2)

Technical data

Axes 3 mechanical axes (Z, A, B)
3 optical axes (X, Y, Z)
Processing possibilities Contour roughing, clearance angle, chip breakers
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1.4 m x 0.76 m x 1.6 m
Weight 600 kg
Clamping device Magnetic mount for indexable insert,
Wrench, HSK E25
Suction device integrated
Cooling unit integrated
Application area PCD-tipped indexable inserts

Robust process

● Proven machining process and intuitive programming for a quick start
● Easy to use without prior knowledge in laser processing
● Design and manufactured in machine tool quality
● Thermally stabilized design for stable production
● Agathon service, support and application knowledge


● Smart Connectivity interface
● Clamping system HSK E25

Neo - outstanding advantages

Low cost per workpiece
● New machine concept, designed and optimized for laser processing
● Low investment costs
● Low operating costs thanks to industry-compatible laser source
● Reduction of the effective PCD processing time up to 40%
● High productivity, small footprint
Rise in productivity
● Laser roughing as a complement to the existing process chain to reduce bottlenecks
● Accelerated PCD production
● Versatile processing step that can be flexibly combined with various finishing operations
● Fits in today’s production environment
● Small and flexible, easy to transport, ideal for manufactury environments
● Designed for small and medium batches
● Peripherals integrated, only power connection required


360° Agathon Service
● Responsive teleservice providing worldwide, real time support directly on the machine
● Competent on-site service by our experienced service engineers
● Training covering operating, programming and maintenance of the machines, performed by our specialists
● Our application specialists will assist you regarding laser processes and programming


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