The JIMTOF trade fair held in Tokyo has become an international attraction for visitors. In 2016, the trade fair organizers recorded 140,000 visitors from 77 countries. This trend will continue in 2018: By the second last day of the fair, another 110,000 people had visited the exhibition.

The JIMTOF therefore has a fixed place in the Agathon trade fair calendar. The highlight of this year’s Agathon presence at JIMTOF is the Asian premiere of the Neo laser processing machine for the pre-processing of superhard materials. The interest in this innovation is very high. Customers recognize and appreciate the productivity gain resulting from the combination of laser roughing and grinding finishing. In addition to the Neo, Agathon is also exhibiting a Leo Peri grinding machine, which will remain in Japan after the show.

The Agathon presence takes place at the Eurotechno booth. Eurotechno has been successfully selling Agathon standard parts and machines in Japan for the past 25 years and offers our customers competent advice and service from trained specialists.