Unmatched flexibility in one clamping

Extended travel ranges and swivel angles without re-clamping

Perfect options - e.g. PowerGrind (electro-erosion conditioning process)

Evo Combi - 4-axis grinding center for machining the periphery and 2 K-Lands in a single clamping

Evo Combi
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The Evo Combi concept

Evo Combi - basic machine
● Proven design with good accessibility
● Extended travel ranges and swivel angles for the production of indexable inserts without re-clamping
● Fast, enduring B-axis, optimal for round inserts
● Direct drives with optimized performance for the X, Y and C axes
● Internal and external dressing devices can be combined
● Grinding wheel diameter 400 mm
● Grinding area separated from handling area
● Two pallets in the work area for separation of blank and finished parts
Technical Data
Number of pallets max. 16
Grinding cup Ø 400 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 3.06m x 2.10m x 2.22m (with lamp 2.60m)
Weight 6500 kg
Swiveling range of C axis -140° bis +140°
OD | IC max. 100mm (120mm) | min. 3.96mm
Workpiece – Clamping dist. 28.5mm
Materials Carbide, Cermet, Ceramics, CBN, PCD
Ease of use
● Excellent visibility
● Workpiece spindle head close to machine front for better access
● Consistent Agathon operating philosophy and software
● Unique, domain-specific programming language for indexable inserts
● Simple re-teach
● Proven, perfectly integrated automation
● Comprehensive training program for programming, operation and maintenance

Selected Options
● Electro-erosion conditioning process (PowerGrind)
● Robust U-axis for in-process cleaning, sharpening and profiling
● 2D force measurement system for normal and tangential forces for the process definition, optimization and control
● Extensive possibilities for Connectivity and Data Management
● Vision system for parts alignment and spot recognition

The outstanding advantages of the Evo Combi

Low cost per workpiece
● Shorter grinding times thanks to very high material removal rates
● Short transfers due to agile handling and internal dressing
● Complete machining without re-clamping
● Standardized, compatible Agathon tools
● Fast product change due to off-line programming and graphic simulation
● Up to 50% cycle time reduction with PowerGrind
● Low-maintenance components
Flexibility (materials, process)
● K-Lands on both sides without re-clamping
● Extended swivel angles and travel ranges for significantly more geometries
● Free combination of various dressing methods
● Largest possible range of applications from IC 3.96 mm to OD 100 mm
● Suited for all common indexable insert materials
● Reduced energy requirements through consistent Eco-design


Maximum availability
● High autonomy with storage for up to 16 trays
● State-of-the-art, low-maintenance drives
● Short changeover/set-up times
● Designed and manufactured in Switzerland
● Fast, competent and efficient


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